Know 3 the crucial features related to the game


Identity V is the first mobile game which is based on horror and thrilling experiences. The game is published by NetEase which is easily accessible either on your Smartphone or on your tablet. You can enjoy the mysterious stories by knowing all the rules, tips, and tricks.

  • Learn game power

In the Identity V game, four survivors have to escape from the ruthless hunter who is behind them. The survivors had to cooperate with their teammates to save their life from the hunter. In this way, the game is quite interesting and thrills you from all your worries. The hunters get familiar with you and know all your killing powers, so it’s a high time to catch and capture all your preys.

  • Amazing background settings

In starting, you were introduced as a detective as you got a letter to find the missing girl and an abandoned manor. As the game moves further, you will come to know about different horrifying moves in a simple way. For your convenience, you will also offer a map which helps and guide you on how to circulate in the entire game. In this way, it is an easy way to know all the gameplay with your early efforts. You are also capable of playing some quick and strategically online matches by completing memory from 1- 10.

  • Customize the entire characters of the game

The game is based on hiding and seeks, but you had to escape the hunter on heels. You can also customize all the characters in the way you like to play. It is a detective game in which you had to sort out some miseries. Really, you will get enjoyed more with its game features. As you move further in the Identity V, you will introduce with more characters and horrors.