Langrisser battles game with many heroes and restraint effect


The Japanese game of Langriseer has also gain popularity among the player of the world who have keen interest in the battle and fighting games. SRPG masterpiece game has dominated the space of smart phone of the user. Because of its unique and new updated version with many heroes, battles and rule.

Here player of the game can also try the new version of Langrisser Hack 2019 to have an upper hand in the game over enemies and lead to the path of victory.

Magical quest of legendary sword

The game takes its players to the continent of El Sallia to have experience different new chapters of holy sword legend of the game.

Join team of players

Player of this game can also play the battles game and challenges by joining the team of the players from all over the world and can also capture the enemies. Player can also show off his might and fighting strategies in the continent of El Sallia and can earn many rewards of the game.

Define destiny and update classes

The game has new updated system for the player to upgrade it. The heroes of the game have their own different upgrade tree. Player of the game can change his or her heroes and classes as per the situation and formulate the perfect battles strategies with the Langrisser Hack 2019 as well.

300 + classic levels and Heroes

The game of Langrisser has over 300 Classic levels for the player to play which also remind the player the golden time of ancient world and take him to the journey of that time. There are also a range of heroes such as Lana, Elwin, Leon, Cherie, Bernhardt, Ledin, Dieharte and list is endless to play with. Player of the game can also enjoy the background music which has comeup with the awesome graphics and gameplay. Well, after knowing about it there is no point to wait so download it and play it with your friends and make new friends as well from around the world.