Rush wars: A strategy game for all

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Did you enjoy playing the heroic games Clash royale and clash of clans? Well, if you are already feeling like saying yes then here something that will fascinate you even more. Another game named Rush Wars commenced its way in the world of gaming last week on the 26th of August.

Rush wars is a fantastic strategy game from the same creators that are the Supercell. Rush wars are slotted in with all the elements that ideally should be there in a strategy game. Apart from that, there are many new characters as well, which you can unlock, but for that you require funds. If you don’t want to focus on the fund collection part of the game, then it would be suitable for you to use Homescapes cheats 2020 and stay on track.


Well, if you are excited to know the features of the game quickly then here is a list for an overview.

·         Multiplayer game

We know that the game can be a little bit boring and to beat that boredom you can join multiple teams and can play with them. You can also donate stars in the team and also rewarded from others.

·         Militia

The game allows you to construct your military forces by adding different defense systems. You can add defensive towers, soldiers having different abilities like arching, warriors, etc. to your troops, and other defense technologies like aircraft and many more. Thereby, you can protect your base and attack the base of others as well.

·         Unlock commanders with unique strengths

Here in the game, you can even unlock more armed forces and other characters to lead your entire army in the combat. For this, you need to make progress in the game, which requires opening chests and treasures. However, not being able to get them can be troublesome and lead to less progress. Therefore, it is better to make the use of Rush Wars hack here to grab a generous amount of funds and progress at a reasonable rate.

So, entirely, the game is full of amazing elements that are enough to make it a fun strategy game. Now, you can play the game and learn all its strategies.